No Country for Old Men

Rated 5.0

The Coen brothers adapt Cormac McCarthy, and it’s movie-going bliss. Josh Brolin stars as a hunter who stumbles upon a drug deal gone bad, finding a ton of money and a lot of problems. He’s tracked by psycho Javier Bardem, playing one of the scariest bad asses to grace the screen this year. Tommy Lee Jones is his usual excellent self as a sheriff trying to figure out what’s going on, while Woody Harrelson makes a fine appearance as a bounty hunter who shouldn’t have taken the job. Brolin, having a banner year, is excellent as a man who lets greed get the best of him. Not enough can be said about what Bardem does in this film, and he should be hearing about an Oscar nomination before the next ceremony. The Coens never cease to amaze, and this one goes with the best of their work. Considering these are the guys that made Fargo and Barton Fink, that’s a big statement. The cinematography by Roger Deakins is astonishingly good. This is an all around masterpiece.