No attitude sushi

The staff at Sushi 7 are equally attentive to the food and to customer service.

The staff at Sushi 7 are equally attentive to the food and to customer service.

Photo By David Robert

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Sushi 7

3335 Kietzke Ln.
Reno, NV 89502

Lately, when eating out at sushi restaurants, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend—most of the joints are packed, and there’s usually a long wait to be seated and then another long wait to receive your order. It’s like going to the doctor. Sushi 7’s model efficiency is a welcome solution to the angst of the wasabi wait.

Located in what used to be the Thai Royal House, Sushi 7 eagerly awaits its new guests with quality fish and attentive, prompt service. I think some sushi bars in Reno have become complacent in their service standards. Because they’re so popular, they cop bad attitudes like bloated puffer fish.

One thing I can’t stand is being ignored by restaurant staff. Everyone, including the owners, acknowledged us, and we were served immediately, and treated with respect and concern throughout the entire meal.

The lights are dim, but not too dark. Cozy and welcoming. The dining room is medium sized with a large bar.

As soon as my girlfriend, Chérie, and I sat down at the bar, the waitress poured steaming hot water into a dish full of individual hand towels and invited us to partake in some ritual cleansing. A nice touch.

We both decided to order the all-you-can-eat sushi dinner for a competitive $17.99.

While Chérie and I were looking at the menu, we noticed some good lunch deals like the sushi combo with 12 pieces of nigiri sushi for $9.95 or the $12.99 all-you-can-eat lunch. The menu is concise and easy-to-read. Sometimes large sushi menus can be a bit overwhelming. There are about 25 types of long rolls and nigiri selections at Sushi 7.

We started with some salmon, ahi and yellowtail. The fish was fresh and sweet. After the nigiri, we had miso soup, which came out right away. While we sipped the hot miso, we ordered a series of rolls from our chef. We started with standard-issue fare, like the Reno roll, crystal shrimp, San Francisco roll and the Godzilla. After a few, the owner came over to talk to us, telling us about Sushi 7’s signature dinner-only rolls, like the lucky 7, the uki roll, the hot-and-sweet roll, the sushi hana roll and the holy-moly roll. Our favorite was the hot-and-sweet roll—made with crab, crystal shrimp, spicy sauce, sweet shrimp and a glisten of teriyaki on top.

Good, friendly service accompanied by good sushi will make Sushi 7 a hit with down-to-earth Renoites who are looking for a pleasant dining experience without all the hype and bad attitude.