NightWalker: Eternal Darkness

CPM/U.S. Manga Corps

Japanese animation has a shortage of quality titles in the horror genre. Except for a couple of titles, like Vampire Hunter D, the Japanese just don’t deliver the shocks like good American horror titles do. NightWalker: Eternal Darkness may be a little too superhero-ish to be a true horror title, but it’s still a disk you’ll want to pick up. This disk continues the adventures of Chido, a kind-hearted vampire who has decided to use his powers for just causes. The script is very well thought-out and has some good plot twists in it. It manages a perfect mixture of seriousness and humor at the same time. The animation quality is just mediocre, but that’s somewhat compensated for by the imaginative characters and the creative powers Chido possesses. You’ll have a fun time with this disk.