Nightmare? Nope, it’s news

Charles Laws is a member of Nevada’s Green Party.

Have you ever had one of “those” days? The pillow, before you roll out of bed, conspires with the covers to hold you down. The eggs stick to the pan. Recently, my day started with a bad dream—and then I got to the newspaper. Suddenly it hit me: “The conspiracy wins!”

A scene from my nightmare—with shades of Dr. Strangelove—came back. In the dream, a madman steps to center stage and screams: “I whill rule zhe wo’ld!”

And sleeping still, I reply, “How?”

“First, I whill make you all addicts,” says the madman. His accent is thick, but unidentifiable. “Zhen I whill give you zhe zhings you need. Zhe price is your blood, and you’ll give eet to me wizh gratitude.”

“Zuh hell I will,” says me. “And what about all those other unaddicted people around the world? Those holding on to families and cultures and fighting to sustain choice and self determination?”

“Ha! For zhem I am constructing a global envelope of highly accurate weapons. Anyone who objects to zhee marveloz wo’ld I’m constructing gets zhapped. Bye, bye. I whill rule zhe wo’ld. No questionz.”

Then I woke up, only to read the newspaper. And there it was, my nightmare in print!

President Cheney was revealing how the world system was going to be updated. Oh! Bush, Bush, I meant President Bush. Out with the outdated anti-ballistic missile treaties, in with Star Wars and a whole new world order. Buy oil, natural gas and nuke electricity. Abandon conservation. It’s just “a sign of personal virtue.” Like that’s out of fashion, too?

So here’s the scene as it unfolds:

We the superpower, leader of global corporate democratization, under fully authorized power and influence of the people of the United States, are taking over the world. Or at least the power players behind the words of Washington, D.C., now think they’ve done it and are signaling their next moves. Global “military” control. The ultimate “police state.” Maximized consumption. Maximized profits.

They need fresh blood, labor and brainwashed commitment. Yours and mine.

You and I will pay through the nose for gasoline and electricity. We’re addicts. No doubt about that. (Our grandparents weren’t. But that’s another story.) Merging transnational corporations control the world’s market of energy and food—and they’re working on water. Old cartels? They’re minor-league. The god is Greed; the philosophy is “growth or death.”

The old bug-a-boo of organized crime is kiddy play now. Global Greed has your bank account and controls your job. Go independent and die. We know what we’ve got to do. They’ve told us.

Democracy? Where people have a say in institutions and government? Poof, like blowing off a speck of dust. Gone! Once elected, even our neighbors go crazy. The transnationals have convinced our leaders—and their fronts—that more consumption is essential.

The economy is theirs, the politics are theirs, and so are we. Zhey will have zhe wo’ld in their hands.

If we let ’em. Stand up! Link arms!