Editors’ choices

Best place to get tipsy and manicured

Soak Nail Spa + Lounge, 628 W. Second St., is a place for nails and cocktails. Stick your feet in a rock-lined bowl of warm water filled with grapefruit slices, and sip on a cocktail while getting your nails done. Soak is one of the rare nail salons that also holds a liquor license—something a bridal party, birthday girl or hard worker can appreciate.

Best place to request squishy, dark balls floating in your drink

Sounds a little gross and looks a little funny, but “bubble tea” at Se7en Teahouse, 100 N. Arlington Ave., is an experience to behold. Originally a Taiwanese drink, bubble tea involves tapioca pearls added to a tea latte. Sip on a cool honeydew melon or vanilla bean latte with an oversize straw that’s just big enough to suck up the little balls floating in the bottom. With a texture akin to a Gummy Bear, the pearls are slightly sweet, even though they may make your belly feel a little bloated afterward.