Editors’ choice

Illustration By John Craig

Best place for techno music

Kicks Nightclub
300 N. Center St., National Bowling Stadium

The familiar feeling creeps up on you around 3 a.m. If you don’t leave the bar now, it’ll just be you and one old homeless guy nursing a beer. Don’t shamble on home—get your groove on! At 3:30 a.m. every Saturday night (OK, Sunday morning), Kicks becomes Club Euphoria, a techno music “after party” to whatever silly thing you’ve been doing all night. Club Euphoria has a solid rotation of house DJs and is starting to bring in some of the biggest names in the country. It’s the perfect time to make bass your new best friend.

Best place to watch exposed body parts

Reno Live
45 W. Second St.

This is the only place in town where you can get seriously injured by an over-enthusiastic (or over-intoxicated) dancer. Besides strip clubs, the top floor of Reno Live is unsurpassed in its assortment of scantily clad women gyrating and grinding, usually in or on some metal object. Asses wiggle. Breasts jiggle. Chicks giggle. Which is somewhat entertaining if you’re a straight male who’s not dead. If you’re not into hip-hop, the excitement may wear thin after a while, but luckily there’s a spacious bar and plenty of beer tubs to dull your senses.

Best jukebox in a pool hall

Q’s Billiards Club
3350 S. Virginia St.

Playing pool in a bar is severely disappointing to someone seeking a serious game. But pool halls generally don’t have live music, and jukeboxes are hit-and-miss, However, Q’s Billiards Club is the only pool hall in town that has a jukebox stocked with good music. They’ve got some old-school punk, a little techno, some classic rock and a little disco for flavor. And if you hear Sinatra singing “My Way,” blame us. Only one complaint: Lose the Kid Rock CDs, fellas.

Most creative drink selection

TGI Friday’s
6410 S. Virginia St.

From the restaurant that brought you meat cooked in Jack Daniels whiskey comes the most creative selection of mixed drinks in Reno. TGI Friday’s manager Justin Moscove says margaritas are the featured drink right now, and a new twist is the Ultimate Kiwi Margarita. I’d also personally recommend the June Bug, a mix of Midori, rum, banana liqueur and pineapple juice. Some drinks just beg for experimentation, such as the Ultimate Lights of Havana and the Ultimate Hawaiian Volcano ("an eruption of fun"). Why "Ultimate?" These drinks come in a mind-numbing 25-ounce goblet for only $5-$7 each.