Editors’ choices

Illustration By Rick Sealock

Best drink to put you in orbit

Satellite Cocktail Lounge
188 California Ave., 786-3536
There may be a U.S. embargo on Cuban products, but fortunately that doesn’t include mojitos. The drink has long been a staple in bars in Miami, but only in the past few years has its popularity expanded to trend-setting cities like New York City and San Francisco. The trendy cocktail has finally hit Reno’s bar scene, and one of the best places to indulge in this light-but-strong infusion is at that groovy little lounge, Satellite. Co-owner/bartender Noel Judal crushes ice, limes and mint leaves together and then adds a generous splash of light rum, syrup and soda water. The result: a delicious, refreshing drink that hits the spot on a sultry summer day. They’re so good, you’ll probably order two, or three or four. But it’s probably best to limit yourself to a few, as you may wake up with a headache and a sore butt with a tattoo of Fidel Castro. Viva la revolución!

Best place to drink Vicodin Lemon Drops

The Alibi Lounge
125 Casazza Drive, 323-0611
Feel like a mellow night but not the quiet, stay-at-home kind of mellow night? The Alibi is just the place to take it easy with a couple of friends in a dark-but-friendly, hole-in-the-wall bar. Sometimes, the video poker machines will even pay off. Among a group of three or four friends, someone could easily win a couple sawbucks, enough to pay for a couple rounds of drinks, since drinks are better than reasonably priced. Did we mention the friendly and creative bartenders? One mellow mixologist jokingly suggested that instead of using sugar to rim your shot glass, you might try crushed Vicodin. Sure, it’d be fun, but who wants to spend the evening clutching the john or explaining to the E.R. doctor how you don’t have a problem, it’s really just an isolated incident?