Writers’ choices

Illustration By Rick Sealock

Best bar for a girls’ night out

Men have strip clubs, women have The Chocolate Bar. Sure, there are a few men milling about, generally with a look of “why am I here?” on their bemused faces. But there are very few places in Reno where so many women indulge so unapologetically. This is chocolate we’re talking about—truffles and raspberry mocha martinis, no less. That, friends, is women’s territory.

Easiest number to remember when you are really, really blasted

Generations of Reno drunks and bartenders have been able to remember the simple tune and repetitive integers no matter how intoxicated or cranked up they happen to be. Remember the radio commercial? Dial 3-3-3-33-33, Reno Sparks Cab will get you where you want to be. Remember, always take intoxicants responsibly.