Best bar bathroom

The ladies’ room
Zephyr Lounge 1074 S. Virginia St. 324-9853

Hey Norm,
I met this girl last night who took me to a bar I’d never been to, called the Zephyr. Her name was Vibration, would you believe? Isn’t that cool? Anyway, we got there and it was really cool, she ordered me this drink called the Knock Me Down and Fuck Me. We had a bunch of those. This DJ guy was spinning reggae, that was cool. I started hitting on this other girl, she was really cool. After a while, I asked her if she wanted to go outside and smoke, but she said, “I have to go to the bathroom,” so I said, “OK, I’ll wait,” but she said, “No, you can come along.” I was like, whoa, I’ve never been in a ladies’ room before. She took me up these stairs and into the bathroom. It had beads and drapes that didn’t quite close in front of the stalls. Guess they don’t care too much about privacy here. She started making out with me, and I was self-conscious, until I saw that there were these two girls making out in the corner, then I saw this other girl and guy making out in a stall, then these two guys, you know, on the counter, then this girl who was … well, never mind. Also, there was a picture of a guy with a sock over his penis, that was weird. I’ve never been in a bathroom like that before, but it was cool. Oh yeah, I didn’t get her to go home with me. Oh well. She reminded me of Sis.

Your brother