Best perpetually unopened bar


Hey Norm,
I met this girl last night who took me to a place I’d never been to, called Fot’s. Her name was Vibration, would you believe? Isn’t that cool? Anyway, we drove around to this back alley behind Fourth Street (they say Fourth Street is like the Sunset Strip of Reno) and we got there and it was really cool, like really, what’s the word, campy and stuff. It was dark and moist and everyone had tattoos. They even had this “V.I.P. lounge,” that was really cool. I didn’t get to go up there, though. Vibration told me she was going to introduce me to the owner, this guy named Steve Foht, but spelled F-O-H-T, not like how his bar name is spelled. Isn’t that weird? He found a place with his name, but a different spelling. Anyway, this guy Steve had massive blond dreads and was wearing this Lycra tube top with these studded jeans and clogs, but he didn’t look like a chick, he looked all buff. His bar looked really cool inside and there were all these different cool-looking people, they all looked much cooler than I could ever look. And this cool band was playing, actually it was Steve’s band. It was called Bad Luck Breeding. It was really cool music. Everything was so cool, so I couldn’t wait to go back. But then Vibration told me it’s not really a bar, like, not in the open-for-business sense. Not yet, but it will be soon. I wish they’d hurry up, because it’s really, really cool there.

Your brother