Best place to down your morning beer

Mr. O’s
1975 S. Virginia St. 323-4244

Hey Norm,
God, I’ve got the biggest hangover. Let me tell you want happened last night. I went to a lot of pubs. I mean a lot. First, Frank and Connell and Davy and Sean and me all met at Foley’s Irish Pub. Then we drove, because we still could, over to Corrigan’s on Wells Avenue. We were there for a few hours. We had a lot of pints. Then we started walking and drank more pints at more pubs, but I don’t remember the names of the pubs. They were all on the same street, I think. Then real late, just as it was starting to get light, we stumbled out of one, and Frank was holding up Davy because we wasn’t doing too good, but Sean wanted to go to this other pub, called Mr. O’s. He said it was the best place to end the night. Or begin the morning, in this case. So we did, and as dawn came in through the windows, we squinted and had more pints and talked to the bartender, who was real nice, and shot a game or two of pool. Davy almost got into a fight with this real big guy with a shaved head, because he was even drunker by then, but Connell and Frank talked him out of it. Oh yeah, they had a great jukebox, too.

Your brother