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Foley’s Irish Pub

Foley’s Irish Pub

Photo By David Robert

Most unexpected meat market

Open Mic With Kyle
Beaches Bar & Grill
465 South Meadows Parkway, 852-4955

Some of us were just looking for a quiet place to have a beer on a Wednesday night. But when we pulled into the parking lot at Beaches, we instantly knew that our plans for quiet had been derailed. The parking lot was jam-packed, and predominately college-age men and women were crowded wall-to-wall into the tropical-themed bar, and doing some serious flirting. All this for some guys playing acoustic guitar? After spending five minutes jostling our way to the bar, we jostled our way back out. We’ll be back some Wednesday when we’re feeling more adventurous.

Best way to enjoy the bar scene without leaving home

Harry’s Watering Hole Barcam and Stagecam
1100 E. Plumb Lane, 825-2292

If you like all the merriment a local bar provides, but you have a debilitating case of agoraphobia, stay in your living room and visit Now you can watch local bands (minus the sound) and local drunks (minus the smell) thanks to the Harry’s Watering Hole Barcam and Stagecam. And if you overcome your fear of the outdoors and actually go to Harry’s, there’s an added bonus: You can spy on your fellow barflies from across the room, because the cameras also broadcast on a closed-circuit TV set-up. It’s like reality TV, minus the immunity challenges.

Illustration By Kamela Eaton

Best place to hang out with nice old guys

Foley’s Irish Pub
2780 S. Virginia St., 829-8500

Sometimes it’s nice to just relax, have a beer and indulge in a little quiet conversation. Foley’s offers a perfect setting to do all three, and they’ve got some of the nicest bartenders around. As an added bonus, Foley’s has an extremely eclectic jukebox—favorites include U2 pre-Zooropa and Frank Sinatra—and some damn good vegetarian food at a reasonable price. And instead of a bunch of frat boys making lewd comments and spilling their beer on you, you can hang out with nice old guys whose hormone-driven days are far behind them. How refreshing.

Best view while drinking beer

Rooftop patio at Silver Peak Restaurant & Brewery
124 Wonder St., 324-1864

Although it’s totally useless in the winter, the rooftop patio at Silver Peak is a nice place to drink and talk al fresco on those pleasant summer nights. But the best part about the patio is that it’s situated across the street from the Zephyr Lounge, where you can watch zaniness unfold. Better yet, when you’re liquored up enough, you can tramp right across the street to the Zephyr yourself.