Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Rated 3.0

A group of kids drive around all night, trying to find a mysterious band while getting to know each other. It’s not a grand premise, but Michael Cera and Kat Dennings do winning work as the title characters, both dealing with current relationship problems and both fixing for a change. Big compliments go out to Ari Graynor, who plays one of the funniest drunks in recent memory. What happens with her chewing gum is classically disgusting. Cera isn’t playing anything all that different from his roles in Juno and Superbad, and that’s fine by me. His patented brand of nervous comedy gets me every time. Dennings, who played a cantankerous teenager so well in The 40 Year Old Virgin, makes you wonder why it takes Cera’s character so long to come around. There are some good laughs and some good music from a crew of relative unknowns. Overall, nothing amazing but a decent enough time if you like Cera’s shtick.