Welcome to the 2014 dining guide

Food. Food. Food. I’m starving as I’m writing this, waiting for lunchtime to come, and fantasizing about the many things I may eat, and this dining guide is definitely not helping. Food is what keeps us going, literally—it’s where we get our energy. We structure everything in life around eating and food—school, work, parties, etc. And there’s no better way to get people to show up to pretty much anything than offering up some grub. Well, we might not be feeding you, but we’re talking all about it in this guide, so that’s kind of close, right? At the very least it’ll get you salivating and help you decide some places to eat next.

Eight RN&R staffers and contributors have chosen the very best soup we’ve had in the area and written a bit about it to get you all ready for warming up with a bowl by the fire. We’ve also collected and condensed a selection of the best dining reviews in the last year from our food critics so you can learn about some of the great places to eat in town. And our survey to restaurants in the area went out again this year, so turn to page 16 to start hearing from the people behind your meals.

Everybody loves to eat, so have some fun reading through this guide while planning out and dreaming about your future meals at some of our area’s best establishments.


Sage Leehey