Newspaper decides against publishing annual April Fools’ Day issue because satire is dead

RENO, Nev.—The Weekly World News & Review, a newsweekly based in Northern Nevada, has announced that it will not publish its annual April Fools’ Day issue this year because satire is dead. In previous years, the WWN&R has published satirical pieces for April Fools’ Day annually, often lampooning local politicians.

For more than a decade, the April Fools’ Day issue has been a reader favorite, with goofy stories about raccoons running for mayor, Fraggles infesting Yucca Mountain, and Tahoe Tessie moving to Pyramid Lake.

“We just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it,” said WWN&R Editor Dan Brumby. “The idea with satire is to use comic exaggeration to make a critical point about a topical issue. But the current administration can’t be exaggerated. For example, the Secretary of Education doesn’t believe in public education—and she thinks schools should have guns in case they get attacked by bears. The head of the EPA wants to do away with the EPA. The other day, Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court had a judicial decision unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court at the exact same time as his confirmation hearing. How the hell do you satirize that stuff? It’s already exaggerated to the point of ridiculousness. Besides, people already think all of our stories are fake. Just imagine how confused they’ll get if we publish actual fake stories.”