Never Mind the Bhangra, Here’s the Opium Jukebox

Let’s say you’re going to be hosting a party soon and have invited some hardcore hipsters. Choosing music is always a problem in these situations; it needs to be fun enough keep the unhip dancing, but obscure and difficult enough not to elicit sneers from the muso crowd. Here’s your solution: Never Mind the Bhangra, a set of instrumental electro-Punjabi arrangements of classic Sex Pistols tunes. Yes, you read right. Sitars, tabla, bansuri flutes, jungle breakbeats and dubwise production techniques are all brought to bear on such classical punk melodies as "Holidays in the Sun" and "Anarchy in the U.K." with sometimes hilarious and always fun results. The best part is that the tunes themselves are only intermittently recognizable, so your music-snob friends will spend the whole party straining to figure out what’s going on instead of boring your other guests.