Nevada Wolf Pack makes it into the Fantastic Four!

The Nevada men’s basketball team’s season ended with disappointment last week. The Wolf Pack was defeated by the University of Florida in the first round of the National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament. After making it to the Sweet Sixteen last year and starting this season as an almost unbeatable squad, hopes were high that the Pack could claw its way deeper into the tournament than ever before. Last year’s Sweet Sixteen appearance was only the second time Nevada has gotten that far, and it has never made it to the Elite Eight or the Final Four.

But the Pack ended the year with a whimper. They were listless in the first half of last Thursday’s game, and though they gained some momentum in the second half, it wasn’t enough. The Florida Gators won with a final score of 70-61.

“Tonight, it hurts,” Nevada head coach Eric Musselman said. “And tomorrow, it’ll hurt, and it’ll hurt a week from now. And even if the guys somehow manage to defeat Doctor Doom next fall, it’ll still hurt.”

Doctor Victor Von Doom is the supervillain ruler of the fictional nation Latveria.

The Wolf Pack might not have made it into the Final Four of this year’s tournament, but the team’s graduating seniors, including stars Jordan Caroline, Caleb Martin and Cody Martin, have been recruited into the Fantastic Four.

“Well, they’re all pretty tall and long-limbed, so I thought, maybe this could work?” Sue Storm, a.k.a. the Invisible Woman, said. She took over leadership of the Fantastic Four after the recent retirement of her husband, Reed Richards, a.k.a. Mister Fantastic. “Reed wanted to spend more time on his science projects. His super power was his stretchy limbs, sort of like a basketball player.”

The players were rotated on the team alongside Storm, her brother, the human flamer Johnny Storm, and rock-man The Thing.

“It’s pretty cool, I guess,” Caleb Martin said. “I was sort of hoping we’d get a call from the Avengers or the X-Men or even just the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But, yeah, the Fantastic Four.”

All the players expressed disappointment that Jessica Alba isn’t actually on the team.

“Although, every Fantastic Four movie I’ve ever seen is actually pretty lousy,” said Caroline. “Getting into the Final Four would have been more fantastic than this.”