Nevada Passage

TV Event Will Promote Nevada’s Adventure Attractions to 2 Million Viewers

Kent Robison, Nevada Passage athlete from Reno

Kent Robison, Nevada Passage athlete from Reno

Courtesy Of Nevada Commission on Tourism

The Nevada Passage, a made-for-television adventure competition May 19-24, 2005, will promote Nevada as an exciting destination for rugged adventure travelers to 2 million TV viewers across America, according to Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt.

Dramatic high-desert landscape near Ely, Lamoille Canyon near Elko, Sand Mountain near Fallon, downtown Reno’s new whitewater park and kayak course, Lake Mead and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area near Las Vegas will become adventure performance headquarters for about 20 athletes as they are filmed for a one-hour TV program chronicling their six-day, multi-sport competition.

“The Nevada Passage will give our state an extraordinary opportunity to reach more than 2 million television viewers and show them what Nevada’s small towns and rural areas have to offer adventure travelers,” Hunt, chair of the Nevada Commission on Tourism (NCOT), said. NCOT is sponsoring the Nevada Passage along with Paul Mitchell, Nissan North America, Inc, and XTERRA Gear.

“Viewers across the country will see Nevada’s extremely diverse landscape as the athletes venture down the sparkling Truckee River, cross the expanse of Lake Mead and hike up the green, aspen-laden mountains of Lamoille Canyon,” Hunt said.

The athletes will be required to demonstrate extremely diverse skills as they are presented with different athletic challenges including rock climbing, jet skiing, four-wheeling, biking, hiking, sandboarding and kayaking. After each day of intense competition athletes will be escorted to the venue of the next day’s competition. Each team must do all of the challenges, and the winning team will have the total highest score at the end of the last stage.

The Nevada Passage, produced by event organizer TEAM Unlimited of Honolulu, will be syndicated in more than 80 markets including New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Sacramento, Seattle and Portland. Event highlights also will be included in two half-hour XTERRA Planet television programs on major networks and cable affiliates. TEAM Unlimited also produces and NCOT sponsors the Nissan XTERRA USA Championship Race at Lake Tahoe every September.

TEAM Unlimited will invite athletes who have regular jobs to participate in two-person teams composed of one man and one woman paired by profession, such as doctor, lawyer, teacher and journalist.

Adventure-seekers interested in watching The Nevada Passage on TV can find the syndication schedule at beginning this month.


WHAT: Nevada Passage is a 6-day, made-for-TV adventure competition designed to feature Nevada’s adventure activities and natural beauty.

WHERE: Rural Nevada - venues include high desert landscape near Ely, Lamoille Canyon near Elko, Sand Mountain near Fallon, Truckee River, Lake Mead, and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

WHEN: May 19-24, 2005.

WHO: Ten (10) two-person teams will compete. Each team will be composed of one male and one female grouped by profession. Examples include doctors, lawyers, teachers, and journalists.

WHY: Promote Nevada as an exciting destination for adventure travelers.

TELEVISION: A one-hour feature show will be produced for syndication in the U.S. that will be seen by an estimated 2 million viewers in more than 80 markets across the country beginning in August, 2005.

In addition, two half-hour “XTERRA Planet from Nevada” programs will feature segments on the event in addition to showcasing other Nevada adventure activities. XTERRA Planet from Nevada is also syndicated nationally and is expected to reach over 3 million additional viewers.

OTHER: This is a first time event, and the first event of its kind. The concept allows for expansion in future years to include more teams, and additional or different venues. The ultimate goal is to provide a long term, “doable” visitor attraction to entice adventure travel to the state of Nevada.

SPONSORS: Nevada Commission on Tourism, Nissan North America, Paul Mitchell and XTERRA Gear.

PRODUCERS: Hawaii-based event and television production company, TEAM Unlimited, in cooperation with R&R Partners, an integrated marketing communications firm.


Chris Chrystal
Nevada Commission on Tourism

Trey Garman
TEAM Unlimited


Event Stages:

May 19 - Stage 1:
Adventure - Rock climb and scramble

Location - Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Description - Teams must climb a vertical face of stone together, demonstrating total teamwork to keep from falling. Once the rock climbing competition is complete, athletes will follow a marked route through Red Rock Canyon back to the start. The winning team will produce the fastest combined time.

May 20 - Stage 2:
Adventure - Time trials on personal watercrafts

Location - Lake Mead Marina to Echo Bay Marina

Description - Team members will ride together on a personal watercraft. This will be a long and difficult trial where both members must drive part of the way and complete specific tasks. The winning team will have the fastest total time plus confirmation of tasks.

May 21 - Stage 3:
Adventure - Four-wheel drive rally and treasure hunt

Location - Historic areas near Ely

Description - Instructions will require teams to drive to specific locations and collect information. Athletes will travel off-road through historic areas including Pony Express stations, ghost towns, historic mining areas and more. Results are based on completion of tasks, not speed.

May 22 - Stage 4:
Adventure - Bike and trek

Location - Lamoille Canyon near Elko

Description - Cyclists will start en masse for the trip up Lamoille Canyon Road - 12 miles and 3,000 feet of climbing. Athletes will change gear at the Thomas Canyon Campground and hike over a ridge to Right Fork Canyon then five miles back to Lamoille Campgrounds. Snow and rugged conditions are expected for this stage. The winning team must have the fastest combined cycle and trek.

May 23 - Stage 5:
Adventure - Sandboard time trials

Location - Sand Mountain near Fallon

Description - Athletes will compete one at a time on a challenging giant slalom/freestyle course down the dunes with gates, jumps, and other obstacles. Teammates’ times will be added together to determine the team’s official time.

May 24 - Stage 6:
Adventure - Whitewater kayaking

Location - Verdi to downtown Reno’s Whitewater Park and Kayak Course

Description - Two-person kayaks will be put in the Truckee River at Verdi, near the California border. This will be a mass-start event with the leaders positioned at the back. Several difficult Level 3 rapids will await athletes. The finish will be at the new Truckee River Whitewater Park at Wingfield in downtown Reno.