Nevada Opera Company struggling

The Nevada Opera Company is seeking donations to stay afloat after four decades of operation. It needs to raise $152,000 and has already taken in $67,000, leaving it still needing $85,000 by Feb. 20.

The company was formed in 1968 after a national group named the state a “cultural wilderness,” and NOC has continued to function in good times and bad since then.

Board member Randi Thompson said in a statement, “Nevada Opera has launched the career of two world renowned singers, Evelyn Dela Rosa, and Dolora Zajick. My own sister, Cami, got her start with this company. I hate to think of what future stars won’t be born if we lose the Nevada Opera.”

Contributions can be mailed to Nevada Opera, P.O. Box 3256, Reno, Nevada 89505 or made online at