National Treasure

Rated 2.0 Nicolas Cage’s vast and wondrous hairpieces work overtime in this slogging Indiana Jones wannabe. Cage plays a professional treasure hunter who suspects that a map to the world’s biggest booty is on the back of the Declaration of Independence. When a partner (Sean Bean) double crosses him, he must set out on his own to steal the renowned document and find the treasure before it ends up in hands of those looking for nothing but personal wealth. Echoes of Indiana Jones are heard throughout. You can almost hear Harrison Ford screaming “This belongs in a museum!” when Cage’s character makes a similar claim near film’s end. Unfortunately, the movie has few of that trilogy’s wonders, and Cage seems to be sleepwalking through the sets. Jon Voight shows up in a small, embarrassing role as Cage’s dad. While the film provides little reason for excitement, it’s not all that bad either. It just sort of sits there, ready and willing to be forgotten.