Name brands

Reno Mayor Bob Cashell is not the only big name who contemplated going into the medical marijuana dispensary business (“Cashell may seek med license,” June 5).

In Las Vegas, Las Vegas Sun publisher Brian Greenspun applied for one of the licenses as a part of Integral Associates. In a recent Sun column, he wrote, “If Nevada voters have expressed overwhelming support for the use of medicinal marijuana, it should be provided by the people who are committed to this state and this community, the people with the most to lose, and the people who can make it happen. … There is some promise already for applications for diseases that could come without the dangerous side effects of current prescription medicines. That science and research lie ahead. Why shouldn't it happen here?”

Last week Greenspun sold his shares in the two gambling companies to members of his family after state gambling regulators said they would not permit casino licensees to also hold medical dispensary licenses.

In Nye County, school board member Mike Floyd joined Green Life Productions LLC, which applied for a license but finished out of the money. The county is allotted only a single dispensary and on July 16 the Nye County Commission approved as qualified five groups that applied. Green Life finished seventh. Another group that included former Clark County senator Sandra Tiffany did make the cut.

The final choice of who gets the licenses is made by state government.