My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Rated 2.0

There’s a good movie in here somewhere, but director Ivan Reitman doesn’t manage to draw it out. Uma Thurman plays Jenny, a mild-mannered museum employee, who catches Matt’s (Luke Wilson) eye on a train. They start going out, and she seems a little high strung. As it turns out, she has superpowers and goes by the name G-Girl. Matt likes this at first, but he starts getting tired of her act pretty fast and tries to break up with her. G-Girl goes on a rampage, and while this could be funny, it really isn’t. Reitman uses a schmaltzy score by Teddy Castellucci that gives the film that bad ’80s feel. Reitman, who used to make pretty funny movies, has been sucking lately with stuff like Evolution, Six Days Seven Nights and especially Father’s Day. He wastes a great performance by Uma Thurman and seems to suffocate Luke Wilson with bad editing. Wilson seemed to be going for something really offbeat, but the presentation has neutered him. (The funniest bit from the preview trailer, where Wilson does a hilarious reaction to Thurman crashing through the ceiling, didn’t even make it into the film.)