Music notes

Radio station KRZQ held its annual Q Ball at the Lawlor Events Center at University of Nevada, Reno on Dec. 8, featuring The Used, My Chemical Romance, I Hate Kate and Las Vegas band Slow to Surface. Taking Back Sunday was scheduled to play, but, due to frightfully windy conditions, the band’s plane couldn’t land in Reno, and its second flight was canceled before it even took off from Los Angeles. Bassist Mikey Way, from My Chemical Romance, said his band’s flight into town felt like a near-death experience. When radio personalities Mat Diablo and Jeremy Smith announced Taking Back Sunday’s absence, the fans took the news surprisingly well. A few groans surfaced here and there, but when The Used hit the stage, the audience bounced right back into the spirit of the show. “I have to tell you, we had the best, kindest and most well behaved audience on the planet,” said Smith.