Music notes

German metal band the Scorpions brought its Unbreakable tour to the Lawlor Events Center at UNR on Dec. 4. The opening act was the Keith Emerson Band. Keith Emerson, the keyboard wiz behind the ’70s prog-rock band Emerson, Lake and Palmer, played in front of a huge Moog Synthesizer—a piece of classic electronics that looks like something out of an old telephone exchange with plugs and cords running in and out of it. The second act, Sacramento’s Tesla, was playing the last date of its own tour—a moment that often inspires crazy pranks. In keeping with tradition, someone threw a brassiere the size of a Peterbilt truck on stage. Then, a balding male stripper chased the still-playing band around the venue while a guy with a broom nonchalantly swept the stage. The Scorps finished off the evening with a blitzkrieg of songs and a dazzling light show.