Music notes

Punk band Mea Culpa (Latin for “My Responsibility”) visits Reno as part of its first-ever major tour, 8:30 p.m. April 17 at The Hideout, 240 S. Park St., 329-6966, performing with Pink Black. Mea Culpa describes itself as a band that “blasts out socially aware punk rock with a journalist’s eye for complexity, a romantic’s sense of compassion and the ferocious rage of a drunken, rabid badger.” Their CD Put You in a Mask was released in May 2003 on Empty Records, the label for such Northwest punk bands as The Supersuckers, Mudhoney, Murder City Devils, Scared of Chaka and Sicko. Andrew Bonazelli of Seattle Weekly described Mea Culpa as “An earnest, focused, progressive band who play with the malnourished, three-chord furor of protest punk as old as they are but foresight befitting pundits 20 years their seniors.” Visit