Music notes

One-man, sci-fi, synth-pop extravaganza Dr. Go-Go (a self-proclaimed Astroman in a lab coat) comes from San Francisco to perform at the Blue Lamp with the Atomiks on March 27. Dr. Go-Go (Alec) lived in Reno for some time making lots of great friends and playing with such bands as The Motel Four, The Twilight Project, and he once had the good fortune, he says, to jump onstage and play with the Atomiks during the “MK Ultra.” On his Web site, the good doctor says, “If Dr. Go-Go had been Ian Fleming and Arthur C. Clarke’s lovechild (and who’s to say he’s not?), he would have been nursed with Bjork, B-52’s, Beck, Talking Heads and DEVO concentrate.” Visit … In other news, formerly established Reno band Sucka Punch is completely back together. Pierre Marche recently regrouped with the band after a stint spent with Stevedave. The band has written many new songs for an album they’re doing in August. Their next show (and they plan to start having many more) is April 3 at Harry’s Watering Hole with The Sharpies. Visit