Music notes

Local rock band 13th Insight is shifting into high gear. The band has two full-length albums in the works, the seductively-titled Dark as Velvet and Merlot, and is talking to a Los Angeles-based record label about a deal. If the band isn’t signed, it will self-release the albums this spring. “We’ve had a lot of fans hungry for a full-length album,” says lead singer Asher Fay. He adds that the addition of a new drummer, Matt Stevens, to the band in December has put the band where it needs to be, both mentally and professionally. The band is also shooting a video that will air on SNCAT and has gigs lined up for Feb. 15 at Spiro’s, Feb. 21 at Esoteric Coffeehouse and Feb. 28 at Cantina Los Tres Hombres in Sparks. Check out