Music notes

Newly formed Reno band Jambalaya Blue, who shared a billing with acrylic at a recent Esoteric Coffeehouse show, rocks, reports Dylan Riley. “Jambalaya Blue is a spirit-raising group that combines rock and funk and makes people feel good,” says Dylan, who was personally made to feel good at Esoteric that night. Rory Dowd reports that Reno hip hop DJ Elemental, who opened for Del the Funky Homosapien at a recent Tahoe show, is kick-ass; word also has it that a Jello-free but still rockin’ Dead Kennedys gave old school Reno punks a chance to come out of the woodwork. Photo Dave reports that “You’re still here! You’re not in prison!” was the catch phrase of the night. And finally, girl-fronted band Prima Volta has returned from hiatus, opening for Sophie and the Probiotics (which sports new Probiotic Luke, who also plays upright bass in The Atomiks) and The Spark (who will, its members promise, have their album out soon).