Music notes

Reno rock legend Steve Foht is rumored to be leaving town shortly, or to have already left town, for San Diego, a pretty good indication that Fot’s Lounge will never be a reality. Parents, your daughters are safe again. … Another Reno rock legend, Stacey Tolle (formerly of Gunshot Licker) is back in town and bartending Monday afternoons at the Zephyr Lounge. If we’re lucky, she’ll be singing here again too. … If you’re too lazy to take a gamble and see local bands without knowing if they’re any good, support local music by picking up a copy of KRZQ’s U.N.C.L.E. Files CD, featuring bands including Uncut, The Atomiks, Keen and Stevedave, at Tower Records. Standout tracks are Acrylic’s “While I’m Young,” alldaydrive’s “Save You” and “Kinetic” by Mama’s Trippin’. Check out or