Music notes

The Dead Kennedys, the punk band that made a stir in San Francisco in the late 1970s and stormed onto the hardcore punk scene in the 1980s, are again bringing their subversive politics on the touring circuit, this time with a new lead singer, Brandon Cruz. (Original vocalist Jello Biafra is busy these days running Alternative Tentacles Records, the indie label the band started back in the late ‘70s.) They’ll hit the New Oasis in Sparks Jan. 25 with Gluehorse, a local up-and-coming punk band that’s rumored to be one of the hottest acts in town. …. Convicted Innocence is back in action and ready to get down to business: After pursuing other projects for the last few years, the band members are together again, writing new stuff and performing shows. They’ll be at the Flowing Tide Dec. 19, opening up for Livitz Livitz.