Music notes

Have you ever wanted to go see five bands at as many bars? And not have to drive? That’s the plan with the Rage in Reno Rocket. Board this rocket ship—OK, it’s a bus that goes from bar to pub to bar—for $30 a head, get all the drink specials your liver can stand and hear more music than you can swing a dead composer at. Coordinator Mia Marceau says the Rocket’s private parties have gone well, leaving behind a trail of happy (and probably inebriated) Rocket commandos. If you’re interested, you can make a private group reservation to ride the Rocket on a tour of Reno clubs (this is bands, not bimbos) like The Jazz Club, The Zephyr Lounge, Knuckleheads, The Flowing Tide and Fot’s Lounge. Call 359-7683.