Music man


Paul Doege, owner of Recycled Records—822 S. Virginia St.—will sell his store next month. On Aug. 24, he’s having an event at the store with live music and 3,000 handpicked used records fresh on the shelves.

Refresh my memory. How long have you owned the record store?

I’ve owned the record store just shy of 39 years. It would be 39 years if I made it to December.

And it’s been in three different locations?

No, actually, this is our fourth for the main store. Initially, it started on Wells, behind where Speedy Burrito is now. And then it moved to the place we were longest—at South Virginia and Kietzke, behind McDonald’s. And then we moved over to Kietzke and Moana, over next to Swensen’s. … And then we moved to midtown. And then we also had a store in Sparks on Rock Boulevard. And we had the university store.

When will the sale be final, if you don’t mind my asking?

We’re planning on my last day being September 30th.

Who’s buying it?

Two of my managers [Eric Jacobson and Kyle Howell] and one of my longtime friends, who at one point in time worked for me as well. I’m really happy in the fact that they’re able to take it, because they give it the best chance of remaining Recycled Records—of keeping it. … These guys know how to run the business. They’ll do a good job.

What are you going to do with your time now?

My biggest plan is probably travel. My wife has been retired for over three years now, and she’s going all around the world and seeing and spending all of this time. And it’s time for me to do some of it—and also relax. I had some health issues early this year that really kind of slowed me down a bit. … These are all my friends. What do you do when you’re retired. You come and hang out with your friends sometimes. I won’t be working. But I’ll stop in every now and then.

And you might want some vinyl, too.

Actually, you know what? I worked out a deal. I’ve got a library clause in my sales agreement that I have free library privileges. … Believe it or not, I’m selling my record collection as a part of this event we have going on … Saturday. … I don’t play my records. I’ve got a phone with 7,000 songs on it. I have an iPod with 11,000 songs on it. …

Wait, though. Tell me about this Saturday event going down.

Oh, we have a big event on Saturday. Basically, it’s … like everything we do on Record Store Day, with the exception of the Record Store Day records. In fact, this time I’m putting out 3,000 used pieces of vinyl on Friday night. And this is not just vinyl, this is cherry-picked vinyl. … It’s the biggest record dump that I’ve ever, ever had. We’re going to have live music all day—mimosas in the morning and beer in the afternoon.

Anything else you want to say?

I’m just very thankful—just for the opportunity to have gotten to do it. Who gets to own a record store for almost 40 years?