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Nathan Lundhold


The Sierra Boys Choir was a notable part of Northern Nevada’s arts and culture scene in the 1960s and ’70s. In 1974, they performed the song “Mr. Wonderful” for The Godfather Part II. The group disbanded not long after, when their director moved out of state. Nathan Lundholm is a local arts and culture lover who’s trying to reestablish the choir.

When did you get the idea to bring the Sierra Boys Choir back to life?

I was inspired in November when I saw the Vienna Boys Choir in concert. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a couple years, and I actually got the idea that we need something like that in this community. Then I found out we already had one back in the ’70s, so I decided to get it going again.

What are the steps you’re taking right now to get it off the ground?

They actually just wrote an article about it in the Nevada Appeal. I am looking for volunteers because I’m trying to get it going on a zero budget, and that’s not easy—actually I correct that, a $5 budget. Still not easy. So, I’m looking for volunteers. The Boys and Girls Club just called. I still need to return their call, but they wanted to see what they can do to help.

I saw it on my social media, and then I saw the GoFundMe campaign. Is that still up and running? Are you still hoping to get funds from your GoFundMe?


How much would you be looking for to get it off the ground?

Basically, $1,000 is a bare minimum. In the meantime, I can get it started based on volunteers. When it’s started, it’s going to have operating expenses. $1,000 would be a bare minimum, beginning.

And when do you think auditions will be?

I actually have auditions slated for April 19 through the 21st. And I’m giving preference to those who have appointments, so their parents can call me to make appointments for them, but there will be walk-in auditions available also in between appointments.

And you said parents can call you?

Yep. (775) 229-6142. I do need a venue to host the auditions from, and I need a venue to use for practices weekly.

Still looking for that?

Yep, and that’s very important.

Yeah. Absolutely. My other question at the moment is, you know, we have the Sierra Nevada Children’s Choir—is there a market for the Boys Choir, or is there just enough interest to support two?

I think we need more for the kids to do, and boys choirs are a very ancient art form that, at present, hasn’t lost popularity in the world.

How old would the kids in the boys choir be, like the age range?

I’m trying to go for a high tenor to treble sound like the Vienna Boys Choir, so that would be around 9 to 12.

And where were you when you saw the Vienna Boys Choir?

They were on a U.S. tour, and I actually saw them in Provo. I actually know some of their families on Facebook.

[Mr. Lundholm later added:]

Please make sure the public knows what all I need: 1) choir director/teacher 2) audition judging panel 3) venue for practices and auditions 4) financial contributions