Music From Malcolm in the Middle

This is one odd CD. The music on the disc fits the show in one way; songs like "You All Dat" by the Baha Men (the ones who incessantly asked "Who Let the Dogs Out?"), "Older" by They Might be Giants and the expanded version of the show’s theme, "Boss of Me," also by TMBG, seem to capture the fun, rebellious, quasi-misbehaving youthfulness of the show. However, in another way, the CD betrays the show: These songs have some rather explicit lyrics at times. "Cop Killer" it ain’t, but the album does include songs featuring the s-word and lyrics about "gettin’ some." Yeah, I know these songs were used on the show at some point, but not in their entirety, which is how they appear on this CD. It’s wrong to include such topics and words on a CD soundtrack of a family show without warning. Consider yourself warned.