Mr. Bybee sends regrets

Jay Bybee, the former Nevada law professor who wrote Justice Department memoranda that enabled the use of torture by the United States, knew that U.S. operatives went beyond even the techniques he approved.

A transcript of testimony Bybee gave in May was released by the House Judiciary Committee. In it, Bybee said forcing prisoners to wear diapers until they soiled themselves and dousing prisoners with cold water to keep them from falling asleep “were not authorized,” according to the transcript. But he did not resign or inform the public when he learned that it was going on.

Bybee, now a federal judge, also said, “I have regrets because of the notoriety that this has brought me,” but he expressed no regret at the fate of torture victims or at the danger his policy may have posed to U.S. troops. Military leaders have expressed concern at the risks to troops from retribution.

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