Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Rated 4.0

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie team up for a funny, action-packed summer movie that delivers the blockbuster goods. They play two married assassins, neither knowing what their spouse does for a living. When their occupations are revealed to each other, marital strife arises. Director Doug Liman (Swingers and The Bourne Identity) provides great humor with intense action, especially during a scene where Pitt and Jolie damage their house while trying to off each other. In the wrong hands, this could’ve been an overblown disaster, but Liman expertly balances the dark comedy with big-budget, thrilling sequences (the film has a stellar car chase). Pitt is hilarious (there’s a scene where he feigns drunkenness, and it’s shades of his Floyd from True Romance) and Jolie makes for a great action star with an evil twist. Vince Vaughn provides additional comic relief as Pitt’s business partner, further establishing himself as king of the big-screen wise-asses.