Movie watching in style

Aaron Sims

Photo/Sage Leehey

The Galaxy Luxury + IMAX theater opened in Sparks at the Legends mall on Feb. 12. General manager Aaron Sims is happy about the turnout so far. The theater has 12 screens, one of which is an IMAX screen. This is the first such theater in the valley, and he expects it to do well because of this. Tickets are $7.50 for matinees and $10 for evening movies. Children ages 2 to 11 are $7, and seniors over 65 are $8. There is a $3 additional charge for IMAX and for 3-D movies. For more information, visit

So luxury theater, what does that mean exactly?

Luxury theater, or Luxury Plus actually, is a new concept of the way we view movies. We have plush button leather reclining chairs. It’s all reserved seating. You can pre-purchase your tickets, so when the big blockbusters come out, like the Transformers, you can pre-purchase them, lock in your seat, you don't have to camp out, people aren't fighting for chairs and everything.

There’s a bar, too, correct?


Beer and wine?

We have 12 handles, 12 beers on draft. We have an assortment of bottled beers, wines—a selection of different reds and white wines—frozen drinks, margaritas, daiquiris. I think that’s it.

And the “plus” is the IMAX?

No, the plus is just our way of showing that it’s a little bit more than just your normal luxury from the service we provide to not only meeting the expectations of people who walk through our doors but exceeding it. And the IMAX is an amenity we offer within the Galaxy.

How do you think having this theater here is going to affect the area in general?

Since we opened on the 12th, things have been—from what I’ve heard and gathered from the other owners and managers of the shops here and everything—business has been great. It’s picked up for everybody. The parking lot is full. I think it’s affecting the neighborhood very positively.

How’s business been here at the theater specifically?

We’ve been packed. We had a huge opening. Myself and the staff have been running nonstop around the clock, putting extra orders in to get replenished from this holiday weekend. We’ve been extremely busy.

What’s your favorite movie that you’ve had here?

RoboCop by far.

And that one is offered in IMAX, correct?


What do you think the best part of the Luxury theater would be?

That’s a good question. I think it’s just the overall experience from people walking in the door. The experience can actually start at home when you get on our mobile app or get on our website and have the ability to lock in your seat prior to having even walked in the doors. And then when you walk in the doors, just being greeted by our friendly staff and having the assortments of the not really traditional concession stand, from the popcorn and nachos to also being able to order a glass of wine, a draft beer or even a daiquiri while you recline and watch a movie.