Morning Glory

Rated 3.0

Rachel McAdams is splendidly goofy as a morning TV show producer who must contend with Harrison Ford’s supreme grouchiness in this fun, if not overly intelligent, movie. McAdams plays Becky, producer of a Jersey morning show who is let go due to budget cutbacks and must find herself a new gig. That gig comes in the form of a show called Daybreak. After a scary interview with boss man Jerry Barnes (a delightfully acerbic Jeff Goldblum), she is assigned the unenviable task of getting the low-rated show out of the basement before network execs pull the plug. She fires the male co-anchor and forces big time former newsman Mike Pomeroy (Ford) to take the job in order to fulfill his contractual obligations. When Mike takes his seat next to co-anchor Colleen (Diane Keaton), crazy stuff happens. McAdams is up to the task of squaring off with old pros Ford and Keaton, and everybody provides nice amounts of laughter in what proves to be a likeable comedy. Ford hasn’t been this good in years.