More UNR history gone

Grove of trees destroyed

A grove of trees on the University of Nevada campus has been removed.

The grove has been in place at least since the basin that now contains Mack Social Science and other buildings was the original Mackay Stadium. The trees once wrapped around the end zone of the stadium. After the new stadium was built on the north end of campus, the trees were retained, though the size of the grove was reduced over time, including for the construction of the journalism building. The grove of trees became one of the familiar features of the central portion of campus, with lunches eaten under the trees and students studying in the shade. We were unable to confirm a report that one student couple was married in the grove. A line of several trees still stand, but the grove is gone.

The grove was destroyed to make way for the expansion of arts buildings on campus—specifically, the addition of another building adjoining Church Fine Arts. In addition, the expansion will close off the roadway between north and south campus that passes between the basin and the arts building. Paradoxically, the 2015-2024 campus master plan says the closing of the road “will allow space for increased landscape and more trees.” Church Fine Arts was designed by famed architect Richard Neutra, though his original design has been progressively covered over by expansions and additions over the years.