More new Reno slogans

Now that Reno’s sloaganeering has gone from the meaningless (“A little west of center”) to the banal (“Reno Tahoe USA … Far from expected”), Las Vegas City Life editor Steve Sebelius offers some other choices:

1. Reno: Far from expected (because we were expecting much worse). 2. Reno: Good from far… but far from good. 3. Reno: Gateway to somewhere better. 4. Reno: The biggest little city in—oh, who the fuck are we kidding? 5. Reno: Tahoe is close, at least. 6. Reno: Not everybody is driven to suicide here. 7. Reno: You’re telling me Sister Act AND Kingpin were wrong? 8. Reno: Eh, what are you gonna do? 9. Reno: We got your silvery rills right here! 10. Reno: A river runs through it. No, really. 11. Reno: We have gambling here, too, you know. 12. Reno: What Las Vegas would be if it sucked more. 13. Reno: If you lived here, you’d understand. 14. Reno: The best vacation destination at 39º 31’ 46”/119º 48’ 49”. 15. Reno: Come visit. Please. Pretty please? Seriously, we’re dying here.