More anti-law law officers

Coloradans may be facing a difficulty Nevadans already are dealing with—some of their law officers say they will not enforce the law.

Under a new Extreme Risk Protection Order law passed by the Colorado Legislature and signed by Gov. Jared Polis, law officers may have to confiscate weapons from persons held by a judge to be a danger to themselves or others. Ten county sheriffs have said they’ll go into their own jails rather than enforce the law. Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser said last week, “the idea that you could pick and choose what laws you will enforce is antithetical to the rule of law.”

In Nevada, after a voter-approved initiative petition could not be implemented because of technical flaws, the legislature passed and Gov. Steve Sisolak signed a similar, replacement law that some Nevada county sheriffs have said they will not enforce when it takes effect in January.

In Nevada’s Nye County, the Republican Party has praised recalcitrant Sheriff Sharon Wehry; and in Colorado’s Douglas County, the local GOP has denounced Sheriff Tony Spurlock, who intends to enforce the law.