Monsters vs. Aliens

Rated 4.0

This is a clever mishmash of ’50s-style alien invasion and monster movies with modern day CGI animation. It possesses a terrifically offbeat sense of humor, and a sweet weirdo kind of vibe, creating endearing characters out of stuff like the Blob and gigantic caterpillars. It’s also a sharp, crisp 3-D entertainment for those of you with access to theaters offering the option. Susan (voice of Reese Witherspoon) is getting set for her marriage to Derek (Paul Rudd), an egocentric weatherman, when she winds up underneath a meteor from outer space. After dusting herself off, she arrives at the alter literally glowing, and experiences a growth spurt that does serious damage to the church and her wedding night prospects. Measuring in at nearly 50 feet, she winds up at a government compound, where she is dubbed Ginormica and must room with a series of freaks that have been collected over the years. Seth Rogen is especially funny as a blue blob.