Mission: Impossible III

Rated 4.0

Tom Cruise is a little nutty. Actually, it’s beyond that. His brain has gone to outer space, and it’s been sending us crazy postcards. He’s borderline demented at this point. That doesn’t mean his movies don’t kick ass. Last year’s War of the Worlds was one of 2005’s best, and now he’s bringing that insane glare to Mission: Impossible III, yet another strong chapter in the durable franchise. The plots of these movies are as indecipherable as their central star’s psyche. This one involves something called a “Rabbit’s Foot”—a mysterious object coveted by a psycho named Owen Davian (an incredibly nasty Philip Seymour Hoffman), who looks to sell it to nefarious buyers. IMF agent Ethan Hunt (Cruise!) comes out of retirement and forgoes his honeymoon with a new wife (Michelle Monaghan). Of course, things are not as they seem, major double crosses are in store, and somebody’s going to wear one of those amazing latex masks.