Michigan group praises Gibbons bill

A Michigan group called Education Action Group has praised legislation in Nevada to open collective bargaining sessions in local school districts.

At issue is legislation proposed by outgoing Gov. Jim Gibbons.

“Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons has proposed a bill that would make collective bargaining sessions for local public employees, including teachers, open to the public,” said a statement by the group. “We hope the bill gets a fair hearing in the state legislature, and sparks similar proposals in statehouses around the nation.”

But Michigan sources say there is less to the group than meets the eye. They say EAG is essentially funded by several family members descended from Amway cofounder Richard DeVos. The group engages in attacks on its opponents so fierce that some of its targets formed a group for mutual defense. The website of that group, EAGTruth, says “EAG is a front group for the Michigan Republican groups that seek to expand the use of publicly funded vouchers for private and religious schools.”