Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

Rated 4.0 Documentary cameras followed Metallica around for much of 2001-2003, and this captivating film is the result. While recording their latest album, St. Anger, lead singer James Hetfield went into rehab, leaving other members of his band in limbo for a year. When he finally comes back to the studio, everything isn’t all touchy-feely. The film captures the difficulties in Hetfield’s personal struggles as well as the odd sight of the world’s greatest heavy metal band sitting in a circle and revealing their souls to an always present shrink. Drummer Lars Ulrich provides the film with its share of scary moments as he gets in Hetfield’s face, refusing to let a little thing like a complete breakdown wreck his band. An honest movie that is often uncomfortable to watch, as it should be. That St. Anger album sounds a whole lot different now.