Men, Women & Children

Rated 1.0

Director Jason Reitman delivers a terribly boring, lethargic and woefully predictable look at humans and the way they interact with the internet in a movie that winds up being nothing more than an ugly commercial for the Ashley Madison dating services. Adam Sandler plays a sex-addicted married man who jerks off to internet porn and eventually graduates to an escort service. Meanwhile, the wife (Rosemarie DeWitt) has started having sex with men she meets on Ashley Madison. Oooh … the internet is bad. Jennifer Garner plays a mother who obsessively stalks her own daughter's (Kaitlyn Dever) internet activity, while Judy Greer plays a mom who has no problem creating a provocative website for her daughter (Olivia Crocicchia). That darned internet! Everybody in this movie is either maddeningly morose or completely deranged. Reitman might think he's delivering some sort of time capsule movie showing us how technology is the destroyer of relationships and real human communications, but there is absolutely nothing provocative or probing about what he's saying in this movie. It's a total drag, squandering a talented cast and offering nothing new.