Men in Black III

Rated 3.0

Men in Black III: It’s been nearly a decade since the last chapter in the Men in Black series, something I find a little shocking. The franchise has been a cash cow, and I expected to see one every four or five years. We should be up to Men in Black V or VI by now. MIB III is a return to form in some ways. The effects are much better than they were in MIB II. Tommy Lee Jones, as Agent K, mentally checked out of this series after the first one, and he has a reduced role in this chapter. Most of the heavy lifting in this installment is handled by the capable, talented egomaniac Will Smith. His Agent J is still wisecracking with the best of them, and must travel back in time to stop a hideous alien monster (Jemaine Clement) from killing K and erasing him from history. The younger K is played hilariously by a deadpan Josh Brolin, who totally captures the essence of Tommy Lee Jones. Goes a little crazy toward the end, but overall it’s a good time.