Meet the candidates

A Shopper’s Square forum allows citizens to meet local political candidates

If local political candidates seem like nothing more than larger-than-life characters smiling craftily from giant billboards … well, here’s your chance to dispel that myth. Shopper’s Square will host a forum Aug. 17 in which 35 local candidates, from mayoral and congressional candidates to candidates for sheriff, will answer questions asked by a panel of local businesspeople. Shopper’s Square marketing director Tom Nordness says that the forum is important because, until now, "no one has set up a view of all the candidates where the public is invited—an open, public forum." The event will also include voter registration and a special musical appearance by local entertainer Eric London, who will perform a patriotic song he’s written, "America, the Land of Liberty." London says the anthem is "somewhat conservative in the sense that it’s patterned after old standards like ‘America the Beautiful,' " but it also "has rock ‘n’ roll in it." The event is 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 323-0430 for details; call KTHX 100.1 at 852-5849 to request a listen to London’s song.