Meet Dave

Rated 1.0

The Eddie Murphy Shit Parade continues with this, a lame-brained attempt at science fiction from the same guy who gave us Murphy in the atrocious Norbit. This time, Murphy stars as Dave, an alien spaceship that looks like a human. Dave comes to our planet looking for an ocean-sucking device that his pilot and captain (also Murphy) lost. The device is needed to save his own planet, but the captain gets hung up hanging out with an earthly widow (the talented Elizabeth Banks) and her son. His planet will just have to wait while the Dave spaceship goes to carnivals, gets hit by cars, and wins hot-dog-eating contests. Murphy is stiff in both roles, but he’s especially bad as the captain, sounding not unlike the character he played in Coming to America. He has a couple of moments in the Dave role where he tries to impersonate humans, and they are amusing, but nothing worthy of his talents. Inexplicably, Murphy will re-team with Brian Robbins, the director of this trash, for yet another movie to be released next year. Bad idea!