Highton commentary held

The rumors Monday afternoon at the Reynolds School of Journalism were that media professor Jake Highton’s weekly commentary had been replaced by KUNR news director Brian Bahouth with a re-run because Highton had been too critical of University of Nevada, Reno president John Lilley.

Highton didn’t know why the commentary had been pulled, but he doubted it was for reasons of censorship.

“Bahouth’s always taken the heat for my broadcasts,” Highton said. “He’s never censored me.”

KUNR editorial policy extends to all guest-speaker programs, and opposing views are welcome, Bahouth said, but, because of the controversy surrounding the university’s reorganization plans, he wanted Lilley to have an opportunity to reply to Highton’s allegations on a live call-in show. This would require a longer program, such as the High Desert Forum, a one-hour talk show on Friday afternoons.

“My goal is to accurately inform the listeners, not inflame an already emotional situation,” Bahouth said. “I wanted to have Lilley on a show where he could respond to Jake’s pointed and personal comments. I am a defender of the First Amendment; I ain’t no chicken.”

As of deadline Wednesday, UNR provost John Frederick is scheduled to discuss the reorganization issues on a special broadcast of High Desert Forum at 4 p.m. on March 19.